What is fresh coffee?

Coffee is a perishable product.  An easy way to understand the freshness of coffee is the principle of 15’s. 

15 Months from harvest


The harvested and processed coffee bean stays fresh for up to 15 months if stored properly, however many consider one year to be a better cutoff.  We source and roast all of our coffees within this time frame. 

15 Days from roasting


Once roasted, all coffee undergoes a dynamic process of carbon dioxide release followed by release of aromatic compounds.  This results in a peak of coffee freshness and extractability 3–5 days from the roast date for brewed coffee and 5–7 days for espresso. Once your bag is opened, the intensity of the coffee flavor will decline and will be noticeable after about 2 weeks.

15 Minutes from grinding


Once ground, the coffee surface area is greatly increased.  While this is necessary to allow optimal extraction of the coffee components we all love, it also makes coffee more vulnerable to staling due to oxidation.  A good rule of thumb is to grind your beans no more than fifteen minutes before brewing.